Internal blog post
Output review and feedback

I'm pleased to say that we're now going ahead with this project.  Andy Waterfield is leading it, and it aims to polish up some already quite good output and to earn us more listeners and more regard for our work.

The Directors know it would hardly be right to ask presenters to participate without taking part themselves, so Denise, Phil, Clive and I are going first.  Andy is going to be listening at random to what we do and making suggestions on how we and the programmes we present could improve.  Once we've had our feedback, the project will roll out to the rest of us and our programmes.

Many of those who have attended the snoop sessions run by Andy and Alex commented on how listening and review had given them a new insight and new ideas.  The project now underway takes this to the next stage and hopes to build on that collaborative approach with Andy and others working with presenters to agree next steps following review.

I know this kind of thing can feel uncomfortable, but think of it like being on a Sunday league football team, reviewing the match together, all aiming to be better next Sunday with a coach to help and encourage the team.

I doubt I'll like everything I hear in my feedback but I am convinced I will be a more thoughtful, more successful presenter as a result of it.  Maybe Verulam in the Morning should change seems unlikely to me that doing the same thing as we've done for the last three years is the only option.

I'm going to share here the feedback I receive so you can see the kind of review which is being rolled out.

Now, if you'll excuse me I'll just go and make sure I have some fantastic guests lined up for the next month!