Internal blog post
Our studios

The Board met last week and, in the light of recent relaxations of restrictions imposed by the Government, reviewed the closure of our studios.

The Company, and the Directors personally, have a legal obligation to ensure the health and safety of anyone who uses our premises.

We have concluded that it is not possible to make normal use of our premises and that this situation is likely to continue for some time, probably until September at the earliest.  We have therefore agreed that our focus needs to be on making sure that our output is sustainable without our studios.  It may be that we need to change our way of working for the long term so we have started planning for that.

We will review the situation regularly and let you know if anything changes.  In the meantime, you should assume that we will not be operating from the studios.

Among the issues we considered was how we could meet Government guidelines which include not hot-desking or sharing items, regular deep cleaning, and refreshing the air in enclosed spaces.  The shared areas are also a concern.  Unfortunately, our space is cramped and we are not set up to ensure regular proper deep cleaning.

Our general Health & Safety policy is here in our volunteer manual.