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Internal blog post
Our output – the future

When we switched to our current 'emergency' schedule last March, no one knew how long the pandemic would last.  We can all only hope there is positivity ahead of us. With the future in mind, it's high time we thought seriously about what we do on air, and how we can go even further.  While I am sure our current upbeat sound it right, I need to give some thought to the future - what programmes are on air, who presents them, and new ideas to refresh our content.  We won't simply be going back to the old schedule as if nothing happened. Some of our previous presenters may no longer want to return with their lives having moved on; others might want to do something new. Equally, we might not always have room for everyone, and we have some new recruits to welcome. This is the ideal chance to think carefully rather than doing things simply because we've done them before.

Regardless of whether we broadcast from our studios or our homes, I want to build the future sound of RV. This is where you come in!  I want to hold an open meeting (or maybe several) to discuss our sound. We'll also discuss a range of other related issues - workload sharing, presenter conduct, standards, and expectations, how we approach outside 'broadcasts', 'events' and 'appearances' in future, and how we all ensure we support one another and build a common sound for the community. Some of these discussions will be difficult and some people will, inevitably, be disappointed with decisions.  However we must ensure we are doing the best we can, meeting our licence obligations, and working towards shared goals to ensure the station's future.

Primarily intended for our presenters, but anyone interested will be welcome, watch out for the 'Zoom' invite in the next couple of weeks.  I can't give a definite date yet as I am juggling too many things at the moment but it'll probably be one evening in a few weeks from now.

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