Internal blog post
Operations Manager update #8

Hi Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. It’s been a busy time for us all, so just a quick update this week with more to come over the next month. Firstly, congratulations to St Albans Drive presenters, Gemma Karuthasami and Michael Praide on becoming accredited presenters. Close to two months, 10 people started in our new Drivetime format and now, nearly the whole team are fully-fledged in presenting. This is a great achievement and well done to all.

Secondly, a big thanks to the newly formed Drive production team: Samuel Clark, Helen Adams, Ross Wilson and Teresa Moran. They have also been working behind the scenes while the new Drive team have been in place booking interviews, features and creating local content – which will be shared soon. If you’d like to get involved in the production team, project work or, have a suggestion – drop me a line.

– Volunteering at events. Herts County Show is around the corner (Saturday May 25), and there are volunteer opportunities to get involved in presenting, tech ops, reporting, editing and being a brand ambassador for the station. Please log into RV Inside and head to the Operations tab >> Events & OBs calendar. You can register your name and it is an excellent way to get involved with one of our 14 events we are committed to this calendar year. Clive has listed roles for The Sustainability Festival in May and St Albans Street Festival in June. As we are nearing summer, have a think about getting involved in the iconic The Film Festival too. Please do sign up – these events are incredible ways to learn field reporting, interviews, produce video content, increase your broadcasting skills, and of course have fun with other volunteers (there are 100 of us now!) and meet Radio Verulam listeners.


Shout outs. Massive thanks and congrats to:

Good Morning St Albans: From the National Days, to Dan’s handcrafted local news segment to the upbeat banter from Kerry Cobb – thank you to the Breakfast team for collaborating so enthusiastically each and every weekday.

Zara Martin on the Radio Verulam Playlist (Friday): Zara deserves a huge round of applause for her calm composure during her first ‘solo’ shift last Friday. Not only were we faced with technical glitches that saw us go on and off air a few times in the first hour, but also she remained completely un-frazzled. Congratulations Zara, (and thank you Andy for the troubleshooting!). I’m sure we all remember our first foray into live broadcasting and it can be a nerve-wracking experience. Great to see all the training came to life in those moments!

Kevee Lynch and the Oaklands College team: Last Friday, half a dozen students from Oaklands College started the redecorating project for the reception area, giving the interior a bit of a lift and refreshing the look. Appreciate all your help in getting this set up Kevee.

Friday Night Disco: Have you been in on a Friday night with Mark Laughlan as yet? Do yourself a favour and book in! Not only is it great fun, but also Mark is a brilliant, well-prepared and incredibly funny host. I went in last week and was blown away by how much he puts into his show. Do get behind him and rustle up your friends and family. Better yet, if you know any charities or not-for-profits that would like to come on, drop him a line. Guests are on air from 10.30-11pm

Sunday Playlist and Dandy Dan’s Sunday: Thank you to Amy for coming in on Sundays and sharing your love of music with the listeners and Dan, for the super interesting arts & culture interviews you’ve been doing. It just goes to show, people are happy to come in and have a chat with you – even on a Sunday!

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any feedback or suggestions: