Internal blog post
Operations Manager Update #5

Hi Everyone,

Last Wednesday night saw the first of our new St Albans Drive presenters take to the airwaves: Jon Chapman and Jenny Hames. Since then, all presenters have sat in with Nick Hazell and co-presented the programme. A huge congratulations to the team. No doubt many of you will remember the first time you went ‘live’ and it can be exciting, nerve-wracking and of course, immense fun; amidst the technical bumps! I’m pleased to say that Jon Chapman and Robbie Dove are now accredited, and the rest of the team will follow suit in due course.

Well done to you all!

Recruitment for volunteer roles. We are recruiting for a Volunteer manager and Engineering team members. These are advertised on the website and other media websites. If you’ve thought about the volunteer manager role, let me know! You will be helping with meaningful and productive roles for volunteers at the station and be the central coordinating point for volunteer management. It’s a great chance to inspire and assist our volunteers who serve the great community of St Albans and surrounds we broadcast to. It’s 4-8 hours a week and full training and support are provided.

New volunteers. Further to my update last week, we have some new volunteers on board. Former Hospital Radio Barnet presenter, Helen Adams and podcaster, Ross Wilson will be joining the Drive production team as assistant producers. Multimedia journalist, Teresa Moran will be joining the Verulam in the Morning team as an assistant producer, creating features and Roland Imi who has been helping out on the IT front, is joining The Parsons Knows as a studio assistant. Please do welcome them on board.

Over the next few weeks, you will see a number of new volunteers being introduced into the fold. All volunteers are filling specific roles required by programmes or, external events and being inducted through a due process. If anyone you know is interested in volunteering with Radio Verulam, please tell them to contact me. It is crucial all volunteers go through proper recruitment channels, so we can onboard them if there is an available role and ensure their volunteer compliance, training and ongoing accreditation are met. As I mentioned last week, we are still on a volunteer recruitment freeze and will remain so over the next few months to allow for all current volunteers training to be delivered.

– St Albans Drive update. We are now in the second week of co-presenting and as mentioned, the Drive team have shown a brilliant amount of enthusiasm and confidence in getting on the airwaves. We’ll continue in this format for the next month – two months.

Social media. Ren now has a social media team and they need content! A number of you regularly provide programme promotions, links to interviews and highlights from your shows, which is incredibly helpful. We’d like to get this out to drive engagement further; can you please email Ren your content (links, images, videos etc): so that it can be published through our external social media. With the number of volunteers increasing, we are keen to keep internal social media (closed FB group) as a feed focused only on updates, questions, feedback and important day-to-day information for everyone, so key messages don’t get missed.

– Studio bookings. We’ve had a number of instances over the last month where people have arrived to use the studio they have booked, and other volunteers are there. To minimise this happening, please ensure that you have definitely booked the studio for the right day, time and amount (i.e. Monday 8 April, 9-11am, 2 hours). The studio booking system requires you to log into RV:

RV Inside >> Resources >> Operations >> Book studio time >> Choose day, times, amount

You will receive a confirmation email once this process has been done correctly. It is really crucial this happens, as we’ve had volunteers travel from home, work or block out time specifically to go in and do interviews, pre-recs, their show etc … only to have to turn around and leave. This has also affected the engineering team. The knock on is that it impacts our programming and volunteers time, so please do let me know if you have any problems when booking.

Shout Outs. Big thanks and congratulations to:

Kevee Lynch for his bumper Twitter engagement last Saturday, you’re almost breaking the internet there Kevee!

Richard Edwards, Troy Williams and Faye Penford for the great interview I heard with Joanna Forbes L’Estrange – really ideal content for our magazine show, Verulam in the Morning. From the presenting to assistant producing and editing of the audio – really brilliant to see.

Denise Parsons for her chock-a-block local music show. So many talented musicians on our doorstep here in St Albans and amazing to hear them live, their stories and also how a community station is supporting local artists.

Robbie Dove and Michael Praide for the very funny banter and stories on St Albans Drive this week.

Jason McKenna for his radio jingles! There are always options for you to expand your knowledge and if you have a particular interest in something – sing out!

If you hear anything during the week or, want to shout out about your show, team or, another presenter – drop me a line. I will put it into the weekly update so we can all celebrate it or, give props to our fellow volunteers. We don’t always get to listen to everything, and I know so many of you are creating some great community content.

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any feedback or suggestions: