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Operations Manager Update #32

What have the last two weeks experience been like for you as a volunteer? 

This week's newsletter has updates from both Nick and Elly. Over the last two weeks, I've spent a lot of time with close to 25 of you in the remote broadcasting team ensuring our day-to-day programming is going to air and we are providing our local community with what they need. The feedback, messages of support and genuine thanks for us as a volunteer organisation have been uplifting. Our digital media team are continuing to outshine on our social media platforms and a great example of this was the recent Mayor's Pride Awards – who would've thought we could host a virtual community event!

I know many of you as volunteers may be missing your programme or wondering how else you can contribute. Elly and I have been working in the background to get everyone connected and we will be rolling out team-based projects catch-ups (online) from next week.

Update on remote broadcasting – Message from Nick

I hope everyone is well and you and your families are keeping safe.  I want to say thank you from myself me and everyone on the board for all the effort that has gone into keeping Radio Verulam on-air - you are doing such a great job broadcasting to the community.  

I’m also immensely proud of the work which has gone in over the last few years to build the kind of resilient foundations which have allowed us to move quickly; I think particularly of our engineering, website, social media and finance teams.

The initiative that Leona and Elly are working on, is to keep us all connected and to try and make positive the time some (I appreciate not all - especially those with extra jobs of homeschooling!) of us have been given.  We’ve felt a bit of an organisation of two parts over the last fortnight; those of us with home studios and those without. We’re going to need everyone in the coming weeks working to keep our community informed and entertained, even if we are not all on air.

The work of the volunteers is what makes this station great - and everyone makes a great contribution.  However, in this unprecedented time and with the studio’s closed, some of you may feel that you are not as connected with what’s going on.

These Natural Work Team meetings are to give you the opportunity to talk, learn, feedback etc and each of the board will attend these meetings.  It will give you the chance to share our strategy for Radio Verulam during this time, as well as how it may shape us going forward - as well as talk to us about anything else that’s on your mind.

So if you can, please attend them and feedback to Leona and Elly to let them know if they (or they’re not) working for you and helping you to keep connected.

Natural Work Team meetings - Message from Elly

A quick update on this, Leona and I have put what we think are some natural work teams (this will typically be who you would work with regularly - e.g. digital marketing team, or presenters - morning shows etc, Ops team) and selected a team leader for each group (to be shared soon!)

I am in the process of contacting the team leaders to see if they are happy and have time to organise the calls so we can get started.

As mentioned previously, the meetings are first and foremost informal - we are trying to ensure that all volunteers are included, and we are still getting the best of you as a volunteer for Radio Verulam - especially in the current environment!

We are also looking for volunteers to help the team leads - just with a bit of coordination, noting anything of value that could be shared across teams, helping to coordinate if we have competitions across the teams.

Please contact me or Leona if you are interested in helping out (

A bit about me (Elly) ...

Given the strange world we are living in, who knows when I will get to meet you in person - so whilst not ideal, let me tell you a bit about me.

Work background first - this has been in HR - but HR with a bit of a twist.  Global Mobility - i.e. moving people around the world for corporates. For anyone that’s interested - I can go into further detail around what that actually means. I left my job (at a large international bank) at the end of February because I have done Global Mobility for many years, and really wanted some time out to have a think about what else I could do!  My original plan was to do a bit of travelling, but that plan has well and truly been squashed for the time being.

I think it was maybe fate that brought me to Radio Verulam.  I googled ‘volunteering in St Albans’ a couple of times, and Radio Verulam kept coming up.  I was a bit stumped as to what I could do but had a look anyway, and then saw this opportunity and applied for the role. Leona contacted me for an interview, and we had a GREAT chat, really energetic bouncing ideas off each other, and that was that! I was keen to join and see a world that I know nothing about (but think I can make a contribution too!) and Leona, thankfully offered me the role.