Internal blog post
Operations Manager Update #31

This week's weekly communications is a guest post, from our Volunteer Coordinator, Elly Parselle:

I’m Elly and hopefully, you’ve seen that I’ve just recently joined Radio Veralum as the new Volunteer Coordinator.  I wanted to say hi, and let you know that I’m working with Leona on some initiatives to keep us all connected during these troubled times.

I don’t have a radio background (or any kind of media background!) but I can see that with the studio’s closed and the lack of face to face interaction, it is easy to lose touch or struggle to see how we all fit into this new world.

But I think this is an ideal time, to reconnect with each other and see how we can use this time productively.  What I can help with, is a bit of structure around that.  So what I’m currently looking at is setting up regular virtual catch-ups within designated teams with a team leader coordinating.  The meetings will be informal and voluntary to attend, but just think what you could get out of them:-

-       Some knowledge sharing within your team and support each other with informal training
-       Use the meeting to bounce ideas off each other and see how you can develop, connect & compliment the work you do.
-       Cross-pollinate teams (so if any of you presenters fancied finding out a bit more about the digital world, now’s your chance!)
-       Access to the board team members (we’ll be asking them to rotate team meetings so that each team gets access to all of the board to get the latest updates and ask questions).
-       And then maybe some lighter aspects to the meetings with some creative competitions across teams.

These are a few ideas (and if you’ve got any more, please feel free to send them to me) and I am going to work with Leona to get the ball rolling by allocating teams and team leaders so we can get the virtual meetings in your diaries!

So watch this space!

I know everyone is really grateful for the work all the Radio Verulam volunteers do - so for us, it’s important to keep you connected not only within your direct teams but also give you the opportunity to connect to other teams too.

Finally, what an amazing opportunity I’ve got to work with you all.  I do look forward to meeting you all in person, which I hope isn’t too far away in the future.