Internal blog post
Operations Manager Update #3

Hi Everyone,

On Wednesday night, we had a volunteer briefing call to update you all on the events over the last fortnight. Thank you to everyone who was able to dial in or attend online. A number of you advised me that you could not attend; we will circulate the main points discussed.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please, do contact any of the board members, Andy Waterfield or myself.

On the ops management front, here are the latest developments from February:

Recruitment for volunteer roles. We are currently in a recruitment drive for a Marketing manager and Volunteer manager. These are now advertised on the website and will be also be advertised through the Communities 1st channels from this weekend as well. Next week we will commence our recruitment campaign for St Albans Drive and Afternoon presenters - if you are interested, please let Andy Waterfield know. More on this in the next update.

Volunteer and presenter compliance. I am incredibly pleased to say that our volunteer compliance is now at 82%! When I did this update two weeks ago, we were sitting at 30% of all volunteers. This is an excellent result in a few weeks time and I really appreciate everyone who went into RV Inside and updated their details. There’s only a few of you left to go, so please do make sure you contact me once you have done so. It is a crucial part of our Ofcom Commitments and a mandatory part of your volunteering.

– Training. Big thank you to Tony Rice for organising the Audacity training held on the weekend of Sunday 17 Feb. Also, the same goes to Nick Hazell for presenting the workshop, Jeff Oberman for filming it and all the people who came along to learn how to use Audacity for pre- and post-production audio editing. It is a great tool and I’m chuffed to say even I took away some nifty little shortcuts. We will make this content available for those who couldn’t come along, and are interested in upskilling their production knowledge.

The other news around training is a focus on traffic & travel planned for the middle of March – for existing and new presenters of these bulletins. Also, we are in the midst of creating an e-learning platform and I will give more details once this is all confirmed and ready to be rolled out.  

Programming. Andy Waterfield has been working hard to create a new weekend schedule which gives all relevant producers, presenters and volunteers something they are all happy with. You’ll hear more from Andy on this soon.

– Studios. When you are using the studios for pre-recorded content, training or your live shows, please do return Myriad to play-out mode. I’ve been contacted by presenters to let me know that sometimes the desk has been left in a different mode. You know what it is like when you are about to go live and you realise only too late that something is amiss - it can be stressful and doesn’t make for great output.

Shout Outs. Big thanks and congratulations to:

Our new volunteers: Jeff Oberman and Troy Williams.

Ren Behan: who is doing a stellar job on all things social media.

Same goes to our engineer Nik Fox who is presenting St Albans Drive for the next two weeks and also, will be helping deliver traffic & travel training

Daniel Bury: for doing his first live show! Woot woot!

Tatyana Colombo: who comes into St Albans every Sunday from London to present The Sunday Supplement. 

Lee Canderton: who I’ve been listening to in the afternoons.

Tony Rice: doing a tremendous job in sports interviewing (along with his very dedicated team)

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any feedback or suggestions: