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Operations Manager Update #28

Radio Verulam awarded Six-Point Promise certificate in volunteer management

Well, the awards keep tumbling in! On Monday 17 Feb, Nick Hazell and I met with Communities 1st Volunteer Centre Coordinator, Anna Leyden to be awarded the Six-Point Promise Certificate in volunteer management.

The project started in August last year, when, as part of the process, we had to create role descriptions for every role we recruit for. For me personally, this was a significant undertaking and included reviewing all volunteering policies, how we recruit new volunteers, induction and of course, training and personal development.

Thankfully, we passed with flying colours and are now, accredited as a volunteer organisation in Hertfordshire. I’d like to extend my appreciation to everyone who assisted me over this time or provided volunteer testimonials.

It’s big, exciting news and means we are recognised in Hertfordshire as an industry-standard volunteer organisation – something we can all be proud to be part of.

In light of this, I’d like to give you an update on our current volunteer and team structure. I’m working on providing more information about what teams are doing, including profiling all our volunteers on the website with the help of the digital media team:

Current team structure

Board members: Nick Hazell (chairman, website manager), Clive Glover, Phil Richards (studio manager), Kerry Cobb and Mike Gray (grants).

Operations Manager: Leona Fensome (and volunteer manager)

Programme controller: Andy Waterfield

Engineering team: Lawrence Card, Dave Neal (marketing comms), Ashley Rodrigues, Nik Fox, Nick Hazell, including tech-ops, Dave Adcock and Ed Barradell (volunteer training coordinator)

Digital media editor: Ren Behan, including digital media coordinator, Callum Marius and digital content producer, Ben Hughes

Treasurer: David Pearson, including Finance Manager, Jason Brimson

Sales: vacant (Denise Parsons is now selling as a volunteer; the overall sales recruitment is in the shortlisting phase, Nick Hazell is managing)

Marketing: vacant (proxy marketing team is Leona Fensome, Nick Hazell, Dave Neal, the digital media team and Matt Bigg, as Sara Moran is now working full-time)

Admin: Janice Phillips and Dereck Staines (Events calendar/What’s on managers)

Presenters: 60 presenters (and those in training) across 45 programmes

Studio assistants, assistant producers & tech-ops: 12 volunteers across 45 programmes.

Volunteer register

This week I’ve audited our volunteer register and at present, we have 90 volunteers, 60 of which are presenters (many also contribute via duplicate roles to the day-to-day running of the station). Over the next week, I will be contacting shows with team-based structures, to confirm the names of all individuals who help create the programme, including their role. This is to ensure everyone who is volunteering with Radio Verulam is registered and has an appropriate and relevant role to the station.

Also, in consultation with Andy, we have no presenter vacancies at present. Our current focus is on assisting Nick, Dave N and Ed to finish creating an e-learning platform for future training, which will include refreshers for existing volunteers and a structured curriculum (compliance, legal and regulatory, technical, interviews etc …) We are aiming to continue and extend on the training presenters attended with Paula Rogers last year.

This ensures everyone who is on air is producing quality output and we have consistency across our entire schedule. Andy will be sending out a briefing to all presenters shortly, which details our on-air brand – sound, identity and purpose. Please remember, our current strapline is “From St Albans”, it is no longer, “The station that loves St Albans” (more from Andy on this).

Roles needed

The roles I am actively looking to recruit for are two digital marketing coordinators to expand on our digital media team. This year, we will be taking an aligned approach to our marketing efforts online, at events and to increase brand awareness. Also, we are working on our content production and ensuring high editorial standards are met to give our listeners an excellent experience when tuning into our station and your show.

Also, I’m keen to hear from people who are experienced in volunteer coordinator roles or, training individuals through workshops or adult learning environments. This can be everything from record-keeping, to the R&R side of managing volunteers, including running induction sessions or, assisting with reviews and feedback.

More information will be listed on the website shortly.

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any feedback or suggestions: