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Operations Manager Update #27

11 ways to show the love: Valentine’s fundraising round up

Yesterday was World Radio Day and today, of course, is Valentine’s Day. What better way to share your love of community radio by getting involved in one of our fundraising projects? By now, you will know we need to raise £12,500, which will be fund matched pound-for-pound by the board; to cover the cost of replacing our outdated equipment.

To help you get an overview of what is happening, here is a list of events so far. If I am missing one, or if you are involved and not noted – let me know. As per Nick’s Facebook Live message, during the works he and our engineer Nik Fox did, volunteers are required to contribute to the station. This is part of your volunteering agreement with Radio Verulam and the presenter promise signed when completing your accreditation.

Let’s kick things off!

Bricks campaign and supporter wall (advertising) – Leona Fensome, Nick Hazell, Callum Marius, Ren Behan, Ben Hughes, Dave Neal, Denise Parsons, Richard Edwards, Ruth Farenga, Jeff Oberman

  • Need volunteers with good SME connections to encourage businesses to sign up and be part of our local, community business hub for £60

Talks to Rotary club organisations for donations – Clive Glover, Kerry Cobb, Klaudia Staniszewska

  • Need volunteers with good public speaking skills (all information provided).

Local councillor budgets & grant applications – Clive Glover, Faye Penford, Nick Hazell, Mike Gray, Mandy McNeil

  • Contact Clive if you have grant writing or research skills.

Wine tasting (or beer or gin!) event – Dave Neal, Nick Hazell, Jonny Seabrook

  • Need volunteers to help publicise, secure guests and host the events.

Local music night – Dave Neal, Ian Colyer, Clive Newland, Michael Hingston

  • Contact Dave, Ian or Clive – this event is still in the making

Lending PA equipment and lighting – Dave Ellis

Donations – Tony Rice (donated – thank you!), Jeff Oberman (recording video for advertising), Colin Toms (possible donations through Common People events)

  • For you to create one hour of radio, it costs £5.30. Share this link and encourage your networks to show their 100% commitment to the local, original programming YOU broadcast:

Bouche À Oreille quiz Saturday 2 May – Aline Kovister, Elise Lines, Steven Amos, Clair Graham, Dave Adcock, Mark Laughlan, Steve Simpson, Jason Brimson, Amanda Yorweth, Ren Behan, Jason McKenna, Allan Monteiro

  • Contact Aline to join other volunteers helping with the quiz and event preparation.

Teachers Quiz (The Parents Show) – Lydia El-Khouri, Kathy Weston, Rebecca Rowe, Julie Dean, Dave Neal

  • Contact Lydia or Kathy for specific assistance they may require

Radio Verulam Open Doors Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 May – fundraising weekend where members of the public create an hour of radio for £100. This event has been created by Nick Hazell, Andy Waterfield and needs three volunteers to man.

Hour 1 – one volunteer sits with the donor and explains everything and sets up their running order

Hour 2 – a second volunteer sits in the live studio while another donor is on air with someone (a third volunteer) as the technical operator

Hour 3 – On air with a volunteer as a technical operator and producer.

Summer Soulstice event (TBC June to Sep) – Kerry Cobb, Clair Graham, Jenny Hames, Dave Adcock, Troy Williams

  • Need volunteers with event experience, DJ’s and music


  • If not listed in a fundraising project already, choose one which best suits you and contact the fundraising team leader and ask how you can get involved through the Facebook group or email.
  • I’d love it if more volunteers help at the quiz nights and with the supporter wall. These all have the potential to help us generate significant funds with more resources on board to get the word out there.
  • Purchase a brick or, encourage friends and family to support the volunteering you and 90+ people do day-in-day-out:
  • Email the donate via a once-off payment or the subscription link to your networks to fund the radio you produce:

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any feedback: