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Operations Manager Update #23

Afternoon everyone,

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve completed our breakfast presenter recruitment and four new people have been inducted as volunteers – woo hoo! We had a lot of interest, so congratulations on securing a coveted volunteer presenting role. They are all in training at present, I’ll introduce all our new presenters in our social media group and in next week’s newsletter.

I’d like to extend an enormous thanks to Andy, Kerry and Nick who have been helping with the hands-on training and you’ll soon hear the new presenters live on air. A special mention also goes to Mark Laughlan, who ever so kindly offered to train our breakfast team over the December and January period, it is greatly appreciated.

Friday Night Disco meets Good Morning St Albans – who would’ve thought!



 Volunteer Christmas dinner Tuesday 3 December: A big thanks to all the volunteers who came along to celebrate the festive season and our volunteer dinner last week. We had an absolutely lovely time at Lussman’s and I’m really rapt many of you got to chat and put faces to names. To me, this is the beauty of the volunteer catch-ups, you actually get to meet all the other volunteers. Next social gathering will be along in a couple of months or so, any suggestions – let me know! And to all those who emailed and couldn’t make it, hopefully, we see you at the next one.

Radio TechCon 2019: On Monday 25 November, I attended the Radio TechCon conference which is the UK radio and audio industry’s technical and engineering conference. While I have no immediate plans to become a broadcast engineer (this conference may well change people’s minds on that!), I was grateful to be awarded a bursary from Radio TechCon to better support our incredible volunteer engineering team headed up by Lawrence Card. We’ve had a number of people apply for roles, so if you know anyone that has an engineering background and capability to help on projects, let us know!

Our volunteer presenter, Dave Ellis (BBC Systems engineering) also attended and we learnt first-hand what the landscape is for DAB+, 5G and Internet Radio, the technology used to support the production of the Brexitcast podcast and how they purpose-built the studio, how UX, UI and UCD are fundamentally changing the way design researchers and engineers are creating software and designing studios to meet technology usage requirements in radio, how to transfer your skills from the audio industry to broadcasting engineering and vice versa. The big ones for me were the case-study experiments from the Wireless Group (TalkSport, TalkRadio, Virgin Radio) on creating Chris Evans studio from the ground up and BBC Internet Radio going to the Orkney Islands to provide mobile & internet coverage as a test pilot, plus a whole stack more.

Sky News Journalism Training day: On Thursday 28 November, Any Waterfield, Richard Hayes, Steve Simpson and I were granted an invitation (from the Community Media Association and Internews) to spend the day at Sky News in Osterley, learning how to produce high-quality news for our local area. The day was headed up by the Senior Foreign News Editor (breaking news) and Foreign News Editor, who spent the last two years in Brussels. We were trained in everything from the editorial agenda and strategy of news, to frameworks for producing local news content, media law & ethics, plus practical workshops on mobile journalism (mojo), fact-checking, verifying UGC and Twitter usage. An invaluable day for us all and great to have a repertoire of tools we can look to implement in our community programming.

Fundraising – you will have seen the emails and posts from Nick about ideas we can act on to generate funds for Radio Verulam. We really need to update our studio and if you have any workable suggestions to raise funds, or better yet, been involved in events where you had success, let us know. So far, we’ve had quizzes, gala nights, pub crawls, music nights, merchandise and Allan Monteiro from Drive even knocked up a radio ad for us – keep them coming!



Breakfast presenter roles: We have successfully recruited our new GMSA volunteer presenters and training is underway. Over the next week I will introduce them to you all, as you will be seeing them in the studio if you present on ViTM or Drive.

Social media & marketing roles: From this week, I have started to recruit for volunteer roles to help our social media and marketing teams. If you, or anyone you know, has a social media or marketing background, I would love to hear from them. In particular, we are looking for people with good posting skills on Facebook and Instagram. Including those with digital marketing, campaign management and are well versed in using these platforms for sharing content and interacting with audiences.

Other volunteer roles: We are an award-winning community station, brimming with local content, supporting our community everyday and always need committed passionate volunteers to help us grow our local footprint:

Community Circle manager: We’d love to hear from someone who is enthusiastic about helping not for profits and charities become a part of our community programme. It is a great way to develop relationships and be the person who enables their  important work to be shared in the wider community:



Thanks to the Harpenden Christmas Carnival team on Sunday 1 December for helping to deliver the last outside broadcast for 2019: Clive, Dave Adcock, Hannah, Mark, Amy (and her sister!), and Ed for making this happen.

Also, big thanks to Ren, Sara and Jordan Thomas for single-handedly managing the ‘Take a Selfie’ competition held during the St Albans Food & Drink Festival (The Feastival day) – which has finally been wrapped up. We had a number of winners that needed to be matched up with local food & drink providers who they won vouchers from. It has been an inordinate amount of work! Your efforts are truly appreciated and all the more reason we have a competition policy in place and competitions manager, Troy Williams, being trained up.

And lastly, hats off to Graham Griffin, Richard Hayes, Clive, Nick and Kerry for getting up early today to do the election count report. How amazing that during this landmark time, we produced an election podcast, an environment hustings and reports on the morning after the polls had closed! We've done extremely well as a station to do this and also, during the process, involve our volunteers and gain questions from our listeners to put to the candidates. What an end to the year (almost!)

Studio bookings

If you present, produce or do pre-records, you ALWAYS need to book the studio to do so.

  1. Log into RV Inside
  2. Under the Operations tab – click Bookings
  3. Choose Book Studio Time
  4. Select the relevant day, timeframe and studio (either A or B)
  5. Complete the form, including your name and reason
  6. Check your email for a booking confirmation

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any feedback or suggestions: