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Operations Manager Update #20

Afternoon everyone,

Well, we did. Radio Verulam scooped two silver awards at the Community Radio Awards on the weekend – celebration klaxon!

Sports Show of the Year: Verulam Sports

Innovation Award: Not so much a website, more a community hub

Huge congratulations to Nick Hazell and Dave Neal, including volunteers who work on the website and the Verulam Sports team – Tony Rice, Matthew Turvey, Jason McKenna, Jo Kiely, Ian Rogers, Barry Hilliard and Graham Griffin. I know first-hand how much time and detail goes into both these projects, having seen the designs, tasks and running orders for the website and sports programme. It is not to be underestimated and these awards are richly deserved.

Community Radio: Now & Next day and Community Radio Awards update

Clive, Dave Adcock, Tony and I spent the weekend in Barry, Wales meeting volunteers from over 40 community radio stations across the UK. The big conversation topics for the industry are sponsorship for programmes and projects stations are involved in, branding, standardising training for volunteers across compliance, legal and technical and of course, the outstanding local content volunteers are producing. Regional collaborations and partnerships with other community stations are key focuses now, the sector is really growing.

I highly recommend listening to some of the award-winning output being created; community radio is really lifting its game on providing value to both listeners through their stories and growing audiences through a community-based focus.

Audio Clipping interviews step-by-step guide

If you present, produce or do pre-recorded interviews, please follow this process to audio-clip your interviews.

Can everyone who has done an interview in the last fortnight, please create an audio clip (if not already)? Let me know once done. This helps significantly in getting the content you are creating for your show, out into the wider community and beyond.

This link can also be shared through social media and given to guests.

  1. During your show, note down the approximate time your interview starts (from Myriad clock) i.e. the live broadcast
  2. Log into RV Inside
  3. Click on the Content tab (third from left)
  4. Create >> Audio clip
  5. Write a title for the audio clip i.e. “Keyless Theft of Vehicles: update from Hertfordshire Police” (subject, guest, a reason to listen – questions in titles are good when appropriate)
  6. Write a blurb for the audio clip (check The Parents Show, Environment Matters, Verulam Sports or Verulam in the Morning for ideas on copywriting)
  7. Upload a copyright-free image
  8. Put the timestamp in
  9. Put the guest email/s in
  10. Include if they are a Community Circle partner or if the audio clip is related to a show
  11. Tick the relevant topics
  12. Submit and done!

Studio bookings

If you present, produce or do pre-records, you ALWAYS need to book the studio to do so.

  1. Log into RV Inside
  2. Under the Operations tab – click Bookings
  3. Choose Book Studio Time
  4. Select the relevant day, timeframe and studio (either A or B)
  5. Complete the form, including your name and reason
  6. Check your email for a booking confirmation

Please do this EVERY time you need a studio. If you are involved in a regular programme, you can do repeat bookings. I will be including this update in the weekly comms ongoing, as we all need to ensure we are being respectful of live programmes and also, engineering requirements (engineering team need to know who is in the studios and when). This is also a significant part of health & safety for Radio Verulam.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any feedback or suggestions: