Internal blog post
Operations Manager update

Hi Everyone,

I’m a few weeks into the Operations Manager role and wanted to give you an update on what I’ve been working on.

So far, I’ve met with all current board members (Nick Hazell, Phil Richards, Clive Glover, Mandy McNeil and Aline Bavister) and all our managers - including social media manager Ren Behan, sales manager Denise Parsons, marketing manager Dave Neal, volunteer manager Dave Adcock and programme controller Andy Waterfield. They are incredible people who put in a great effort to keep the Radio Verulam brand, sound and station itself, top of our listeners minds (and ears!)

We’ve been discussing our collective Radio Verulam focuses for 2019 along the lines of: listenership, audiences for social media and the website, improving our output and training for all volunteers. The latest developments from January are as follows:

Marketing manager and Volunteer manager changes. Due to external commitments both Dave’s will be handing over these roles. Dave Neal will still be our ‘technical’ go-to for events, OBs and marketing consultation, while Dave Adcock will take up Myriad training to assist Andy with programming and a move to create a programming team.

Volunteer and presenter compliance. As you are all aware, it is crucial we have ‘ticked the box’ on our profiles as volunteers. This is mandatory for everyone. At present, 50+ volunteers have not, so I will be in contact with all of you, starting Friday 1 February, to confirm your current commitments, skills and areas you’d like to volunteer in. Also, if you’d still like to be an active volunteer.

With people who appear on air, you also need to be presenter compliant. Please go into RV Inside and do this over the weekend. I’ll send screenshots or, please email me at if you need a hand.

– Training. Big thanks to Tony Rice for organising the Audacity training. That weekend (Sat 16 and Sun 17) we are planning to be available for drop in questions, with more details to come. Whether you are a producer, presenter, studio assistant, tech-op or administration assistant there is an increased demand for community stations to be meeting industry technical and quality standards in their output. This is a key focus for us as a station – ongoing training and upskilling sessions will be areas we’ll start to regularly announce. Nick, Andy and myself are looking to roll out specific training, so watch this space.

Programming. Andy Waterfield is our programme controller and I will be helping him review all of our programming in line with our Ofcom commitments. You will hear more from Andy, but this will include snoop training, supporting all presenters and producers through training and looking at new, original content that appeals to our diverse community.

I will be helping in this process as being a producer/presenter myself, I have benefited enormously over the years from training in community radio, academia, the BBC, and external providers. Receiving feedback, critique and having debriefs editorially about your shows enable you to continuously improve what you do.  

Shout outs. And lastly, I’d like to say thank you to: Verulam Sport (Matthew Turvey, Tony Rice, Jason McKenna), Darrell Andrews, Daniel Bury, The Parents Show (Kathy Weston, Seema Barker, Lydia El-Khouri), Reggae Vibes (Tim Smith), Derrick Staines, Len Jones, Jonny Seabrook, GMSA (Kerry, Jenny and Dan), Verulam in the Morning (Nick, Phil, Richard and Ruth) and Zara Martin (new volunteer). From watching their shows in action, to listening online I am thoroughly impressed with the production levels people are putting in. Zara gets a special mention as she’s come in every week since I started to proactively learn Myriad. Goals!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be slightly more nocturnal. You’ll see me over the weeknights to catch up with those of you creating speciality shows.

Bit of a long post, but you’ll hear from me each week now with shorter (!) updates. Feel free to drop me a line with any feedback or suggestions: