Internal blog post
Operations Manager Update #2

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, a massive thank you to all the volunteers who updated their volunteer compliance on RV Inside. From my initial request on Friday 1 Feb, until today, over 30% of you have done so. However, we need this to be 100% compliance – it is a crucial part of our Ofcom Commitments and a mandatory part of your volunteering; whether you are on air, part of a production team, technical or administration. If you have not done this as yet, PLEASE ensure you update it this weekend. I will be contacting people individually from next week if not done. I posted a video last week on Facebook, please let me know if you do not have access, I can email this 2-min video explainer to you.

Secondly, along with senior managers I have been working on the St Albans events Radio Verulam is committed to in 2019 for outside broadcasts, recorded highlights and podcasting. 2019 is a key year for the station in terms of marketing opportunities to raise brand awareness of what we do in the local community. So, these events will have a high benchmark for quality output, visual appearance and engagement with listeners and prospective audiences. These events will be finalised at the end of this week and I will send an update in the next blog post.

This forward planning is to enable you, as producers and presenters, to start planning content for your shows and all volunteers to look at what they’d like to be involved in. There’ll be opportunities for reporting, events and marketing assistants, tech-ops, editors and some live presenting. You will need to be 100% compliant on RV Inside as either a volunteer or presenter, to take part.

And lastly, thank you to Ed Barradell for covering Wake Up With Kevee while Kevin Lynch was away. He did a tremendous job getting up every Saturday morning to go on air. Welcome back to Kevin and Ed returns to The New Music Show @7pm on Tuesday nights.

February updates

– Roles & responsibilities. if you are unaware of all the board members and senior management, here is the current team and the shows they present. Please let me know if I have missed anyone:

Board members and directors

  • Nick Hazell (presents Thursday Verulam in the Morning)
  • Phil Richards (studio manager, also presents Mon, Wed, Fri Verulam in the Morning)
  • Aline Bavister (presents Bouche a Oreille)
  • Clive Glover (presents The Generation Gap and is also the Events & OB Manager)
  • Mandy McNeil

Senior managers

  • Andy Waterfield (programme controller also presents Afternoon Verulam Wed & Thurs))
  • Denise Parsons (sales manager, also presents The Parsons Knows Local Music)
  • Leona Fensome (operations manager)
  • Ren Behan (social media manager)
  • Kerry Cobb (advertising, also presents GMSA)
  • Dave Neal (technical)
  • Lawrence Card and Nik Fox (engineering)
  • Vacant (volunteer manager)
  • Vacant (marketing manager)

Marketing manager and Volunteer manager role vacancies. These are now advertised on the website, along with a producer opportunity for a new series and OB manager to work with Clive Glover. Thank you to Dave Neal for all his work in marketing and Dave Adcock for helping manager our 70+ volunteers.

– Training. The Audacity training is going ahead as planned by Tony Rice on the weekend of Sat 16 and Sun 17 Feb.  We are also planning to be available for drop-in questions, with more details to come. Whether you are a producer, presenter, studio assistant, tech-op or administration assistant there is an increased demand for community stations to be meeting industry technical and quality standards in their output. This is a key focus for us as a station – ongoing training and upskilling sessions will be areas we’ll start to regularly announce. Nick, Andy and I are looking to roll out specific training, so watch this space.

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any feedback or suggestions: