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Operations Manager Update #17

Afternoon everyone,

You’ll be seeing two updates from me this week (if all goes to plan!). My post from last week didn’t send, so this week, I’ll concentrate on what is happening on the volunteer front instead.

WELCOME – a number of people have joined the station as volunteers in the last few months. I’d like to extend a big welcome and thank you for being a part of helping us grow and serve the community we broadcast to. If there is anyone I have missed announcing, please let me know. As you will soon read, we’ve had a lot of movement within the station. It’s very exciting to see volunteers participating in all areas of what we do and sharing their skills and knowledge.

St Albans Drive – presenters in training are as follows:

Matt Bigg: former non-executive director of Radio Verulam for two years from 2014. He is a graphic designer and also known for his work as director of The St Albans Film Festival and An Afternoon in the Pub.

Angela Buttolph: long-standing print journalist across women’s consumer magazines and more recently, editor-at-large for Grazia. She also teaches fashion journalism at the University of the Arts in London.

Dominic Lam: Used to host a travel show called Jetlagged in student radio and was also the travel editor of the student newspaper. He’s been living in Italy for the last year teaching English.

Bookings manager & interviews coordinator – across the daytime talks programmes:

Troy Williams: many of you will know Troy as he has been with us since early this year. He’s a regular at OB’s on the tech-ops front and an excellent audio editor. He’s also a dj and dance events promoter and is helping streamline our bookings for guests on speech shows.


 Steve Simpson: alongside St Albans Drive, Steve is also gap-filling on The Parents Show and Verulam in the Morning.

Luke Walsh: gap-filling on Afternoon Verulam. Luke has been with us for a while. He’s part of RadioLab (Uni of Beds) and is studying an MA in International Journalism.

Jordan Thomas: assistant producer on St Albans Drive; as Amy Cresswell has left to travel around Australia for five months. Jordan works full-time in London as a neurology rehabilitation assistant, helping patients recover from things like stroke and brain injury. He’s also a former 400m athlete – amazing on both fronts!

Ed Barradell: helping with OBs and podcasts again, with a new show to air towards the end of the year (now successfully employed with the Home Office for two years, congrats Ed!)

Allan Monteiro, Dave Adcock and Peter Glover: are all in training as tech-ops to help with outside broadcasts.

Rebecca Rowe: assistant producer on The Parents Show. She has three small children and works part-time in the marketing department of Oaklands College.

Jon Chapman: team leader of St Albans Drive.

Robbie Drove: lead producer of St Albans Drive.


Janice Phillips: OB calendar manager. Janice is new to St Alban's and works as a secondary teacher in Maths.

Ashley Rodrigues: trainee station maintenance engineer (sound). Ashley started out as a sound and recording engineer. He now works in virtual reality creation.

**NB: Finance manager and competitions manager are pending

NEED – Sales manager, volunteer coordinators (short-term: one to focus on the social side of volunteer engagement; mid-long term another person to focus on development and training), three engineers (software projects, network infrastructure and outside broadcasts).

FAREWELL – Sarah Glover completed her presenter training on Verulam in the Morning and is now attending Sheffield University. Amy Cresswell did an incredible job as an assistant producer on Drive coordinating The Film Festival, St Albans Food & Drink Festival and managing all the interviews. She is now in Australia enjoying the sun and community radio there. Tom Wilson & Ezinne Chinda (social media), Teresa Rodriguez, Ross Wilson and Samuel Clark (drive production) and Nat Bakhurst (The Generation Gap) have all left or put volunteering on hold due to full-time work, school or family commitments.

On this note, thank you to all the volunteers who have contributed to the station. While it is sad to see people move on, I know in the case of Sarah, Nat and Amy, Radio Verulam has provided an excellent platform for employability and skills development. Sarah is looking to participate in a Sheffield-based community station, Nat is working full-time in the media industry and Amy will also be working and volunteering in Melbourne (Australia) community radio. I am rapt for all three of them, as I know how much time they put in (persistence!) and how strong their work ethic is – well done!

In other news …

Radio Verulam’s supporter wall – To date, we have over 45 businesses and people on the website helping us build a virtual brick wall, to keep the station running and our programmes on the air. A single brick is valued at £60 (inc. VAT) and links out to a business website, or if it is an individual their profile or message. As part of the package, we will arrange an interview, share the love through social media and on-air – it’s a brilliant way to get behind a local community station. We have a goal to reach 200 bricks by the end of January 2020, which is 8 bricks pw.

However, if each of you can ‘build’ two bricks each – we will completely smash this target!

You can help by sharing this message with friends, family, or local businesses you know:

“As a business or valued community member of St Albans and surrounds, do people know about you and the great work you do? If not, here is your chance to be a part of the bricks and mortar of the local community and be mentioned:

  • To over 7,000 Twitter followers
  • To over 2,500 Facebook fans
  • Be in an interview where you could be heard by one (or more!) of half a million adults in our Coverage area (Total service area) or,
  • Be played again (locally and globally) in one of our 800 podcasts being listened to over 200,000 times a year

Need to know more? Sign up is easy:

Volunteer social catch up – In November we’ll be hosting a social catch up for everyone. Based on availability, it'll be on a Sunday afternoon or Mon/Tues evening. Watch this space for more information, we have some big events in the pipeline for you to get involved in.

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any feedback or suggestions: