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Operations Manager Update #13

Firstly, a very big thank you to all the volunteers that attended our volunteer meeting last night: Pat & Clive Newland, Ian Colyer, Matthew Turvey, Steve Simpson, Michael Praide, Gemma K, Richard Wyborn, Clive & Sarah Glover, Jenny Hames, Dave Adcock and Kerry Cobb. It was lovely to catch up with you all and hear what you have been working on. An even bigger thank you to Nick Hazell, Andy Waterfield, Mark Laughlan and Ren Behan for providing updates on the company, presenter links, putting a structure together for a speciality show and of course, getting your content out through social media. I'm particularly happy with how we were all able to have an open discussion – including questions, suggestions and offers to help on a number of projects we have in the pipeline. This is what being a community station is all about. Plus, of course, a good laugh.

Secondly, I'm also appreciative of the volunteers who couldn't make it and let me know personally. I know we all have work, study, family, children and other hobbies – so the time you do give to the station is valued. Unfortunately, we did not record the session as discussed, but Ren and I will screencast our presentations and we'll send updates from the rest.

Thirdly, volunteer meetings will now be held quarterly. I've booked the next one for Wednesday 2 October 7-9pm at the same venue for consistency (The Octagon Room, St Peters Church). I'll start to shape the running order over the next few weeks and let you know. There's a couple of surprises in store, so stay tuned!

Volunteer Meeting – Here's a quick dashboard of what I chatted about:

  • Volunteer numbers and the different roles we have
  • Current volunteer vacancies (internal and external)
  • Current daytime presenter training
  • Legal and compliance requirements for presenters and volunteers
  • The Six-Point Promise project I am undertaking to enable Radio Verulam to be a recognised volunteer organisation in Hertfordshire

As promised, for those that attended here is the link for the Ofcom research report on 'Attitudes to potentially offensive language and gestures on TV and radio'. This lists the words we did and didn't discuss out loud! For those that missed last night, I went to Nottingham on the weekend to attend a Community Media Association workshop on Media Law with Paul Chantler. It covered everything from defamation, contempt and privacy to Ofcom and the broadcasting code; namely rules about running on-air competitions, the issue of trust between broadcasters and listeners and bad language on the radio including offensive and discriminatory language.

Needless to say, words we can and can't use on-air was a hot topic! With more and more cases being brought to light because of inappropriate social media usage, on-air conduct or just simply not complying with standards, it is time to check your compliance records on RV Inside. There's still around a dozen of you that haven't updated your records. I will be following up next week, please contact me if you don't know how.

Shout outs – Congratulations, big ups and high-fives to the following:

Corker Cars day trip to Southend-on-Sea with Denise Parsons, Dave Neal, Mandy McNeil, Kerry Cobb and Nick Hazell. This is a beautiful community story and really quite incredible we are a part of it. Denise has secured an advertising agreement with Corker Cars (as mentioned on our Facebook group – please check for more details, it is a brilliant partnership) and we were invited to be part of a convoy that took elderly citizens from St Albans to the sea for the day. Nick and Dave did interviews, and we've shown that our community broadcasting can go that extra mile.

Our video for The Film Festival has reached over 5,000 and had close to 2,000 on Facebook! Amazing news and well done to all involved. We still need 100 subscribers on Youtube to be able to claim our URL. With 90 of us as volunteers, please head over and subscribe or, share with your family and friends.

And lastly, thank you to everyone who was part of the St Albans Street Festival. What an event. I think this photo of Dave Adcock says it all!

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any feedback or suggestions: