Internal blog post
Operations Manager Update #12

Afternoon all 👋🌞

Following on from many of your requests to have a catch up to meet others and discuss all the great things that are happening (including how you can get more involved), we have a volunteer meeting next Wed 3 July at 7-9pm at the Octagon Room, St Peters Church (where the AGM was held).

The running order looks like this:

7-7.20pm: Update from Ren Behan and social media workshop
7.20-7.40pm: Update from me, Leona Fensome, on what is happening (news, recruitment, volunteers, presenter compliance/media law etc)
7.40-8pm: Speaker or questions
8-8.15pm: 'Speak Into The Break' - ways of trailing ahead and using the ad breaks as a way of getting the listener to stay tuned with Andy Waterfield
8.15-8.30pm: 'The Rise of Disco Dog' - how to do snappy links and put a standout show together (Mark has the highest show pages visits on our website) Mark Laughlan
8.30-8.45pm: Update from Nick Hazell on the company's finances plus, how volunteers can support the work of the company outside of volunteering.
Could I please get a show of hands who is coming? Even if you are dropping in for a particular session, that is great. You can RSVP on the Radio Verulam closed Facebook group (events tab).

Thank you! 🙌