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Operations Manager Update #11

Hi Everyone,

On Wednesday 3 July we are holding a volunteer meeting from 7-9pm at the Octagon Room in St Peters Church. For those that attended the AGM, it’s in the same room. The catch up is a chance to meet other volunteers and also provide you with updates – as many of you have been asking me about training, volunteer roles and what projects we are involved in over summer. The running order so far (TBC):

  • a social media workshop with Ren Behan,
  • a 'Speak into The Break' session with Andy Waterfield - clever ways of trailing ahead and using the ad breaks,
  • update on strategy and the company's finances, plus how you can support the work of the company outside of volunteering with Nick Hazell
  • an update on new internal volunteer roles we are recruiting, plus a roundup of who our 90 volunteers are and what projects you can get involved in with Leona Fensome
  • 1-2 other mini sessions TBC

Please contact me if you have something you’d like to chat about. Kerry Cobb has also kindly pointed out to me it is the St Michael’s Folk Festival that night too. So, we may spill over in that direction to catch up afterwards and join in the merriment! You can RSVP on the Facebook event or, drop me a line:

– Supporter Wall. Denise Parsons and Nick Hazell are building a ‘supporter wall’ on the Radio Verulam website. For £60 you or a business has a ‘brick’ and one brick is chosen at random to be mentioned ‘on air’ alongside social media (and perhaps an interview!). Buying a brick is not only a fun way for businesses to advertise, but also supports us as a local community radio station to stay on air. It is also open to volunteers. There are currently 31 bricks in the wall – let’s make it to 50 before the volunteer meeting!

– 90 volunteers and counting. At present we have 90 active volunteers and 55 of those are presenters. YES. We also have strong teams of producers, reporters, studio assistants, tech-ops and administration who help to keep all the moving parts of the station going. At the volunteer meeting, I’ll be explaining who does what and how we can start to recognise the skills people have, including getting to know each other.

The Alban Street Festival. Is this Sunday 23 June with the Radio Verulam stall outside of Boots on the High St. We will be playing music and chatting to people plus making reports into the studios during the programmes from 12 to 6pm. Good luck and thank you to Clive, Dave Adcock, Peter Glover, Jonny, Tatyana, Daniel, Richard, Allan, Tim, Chantel, Sarah, Michael and Denise for putting their hands up to be presenters, tech-ops, produce reports and get into the community!

– Welcome, Kerry Cobb to the board. Following the AGM held on Tuesday 11 June, the board are pleased to welcome in Kerry Cobb, who was elected by members unanimously. Big congratulations to Kerry, who brings extensive broadcast experience and commercial background to the Board. For any questions, please direct them to Nick Hazell or a board member.

Programme promotions: Good news, thanks to a tweak by Dave Neal, your “Programme Promotions” as well as your “Audio Clips” now post automatically to our Radio Verulam Facebook Page which will help boost content and build audiences for your shows (and help Ren Behan enormously!).

You can find this at >> RV Inside >> Content >> Create >> Programme Promotion

Here’s an example from Tony Rice; it does seem to clip the content, so short and sweet, like this is best:

– Snoop presenter training. The first round of daytime presenters: Allan Monteiro, Gemma Karuthasami, Robbie Dove, Steve Shrimpton, Jonny Seabrook, Tatyana Colombo, Daniel Bury, Jenny Hames and Stephen Hall have all completed their mentoring and workshop sessions with Paula Rogers. Thank you to all for your commitment and enthusiasm. The second round will commence in July for remaining presenters.

– Volunteer roles.

 St Albans Drive: As Ed Barradell is away for summer (exams and overseas) and Jenny Hames is now focusing on the breakfast show and Best of British, Andy is recruiting for 2-3 St Albans Drive cover presenters. In order to reflect the diversity of the community and our expanded broadcast area, we are particularly interested in hearing from females and BAME applicants. The ad has gone live and you'll see more through the socials and on-air advertising soon.

GMSA: Andy is also looking to boost the amount of people we have on the Good Morning St Albans ‘Traffic/Travel’ team. You can find more details on his blogpost or, email

Shout Outs. Big ups to … (drum roll …)

Darrell Andrews from The More Music Saturday Show deserves a big thank you and congratulations. Matthew Turvey from Verulam Sports was recently accredited as a presenter and a significant part of his training journey was down to Darrell Andrews. Really appreciate the time and expertise you have shared Darrell. Currently, he is mentoring Jason McKenna, also from Verulam Sports – so we look forward to announcing your accreditation soon Jason!

Engineers Lawrence Card and Nik Fox. These two need a rolling thank you every week! There have been a number of things going haywire and each time their expertise and timely responses have been outstanding. Heartfelt thanks to you both – especially in dealing with rogue mice in studio B, to going off-air on a weekend and then, switching over phone lines, your help is genuinely appreciated.

Jeff Oberman, Nik Fox and Nick Hazell for The Film Festival video: Please check out this trailer and subscribe to our YouTube channel, we need 100 subscribers to be able to claim our URL. The festival kicks off next week on Tuesday 25 June and this Radio Verulam video will appear before each of the 16 films. Massive thanks to Amy Cresswell for all the hard work in putting together the guests and interviews in the lead-up. We are on the big screen!

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any feedback or suggestions: