Internal blog post
Operations Management – some changes

The Board is delighted to announce that Leona Fensome will be providing Operations Management for us through her company Inkslingers Media, working with all of us to improve our output and help the station run more smoothly. This follows a lengthy open recruitment and two rounds of interviewing followed by a decision by the whole Board.
As we have grown, the load of everyday management has become too great for us to manage as a group of volunteers alone. Leona is going to help us to develop as a station and fulfil the potential which all of us, I think, feels we have. We have made huge steps and this is about making the next big one in terms of relevance to our community and listener and online audience numbers.

Leona has some great experience which we hope she can bring to bear, including in Australian community radio and at the BBC, including Radio 2 and Radio 4.
The initial contract is for a six month period. However, our aim is to be able to extend this, and for this reason we are close to also awarding a separate contract for sales activity which we hope can yield sufficient revenue to allow us to continue with the contract.

Having someone who is paid will really help us to be consistent in our approach and to have some leadership which is currently lacking. But, of course, we value highly the voluntary effort which you put in every day, week and month. Simply, we can’t exist without it.

Leona will work with all of us to agree a plan and deliver it; speaking personally, I will still be putting in the hours on company governance, the website, advertising, presenting because I believe that with this appointment we are taking the first steps towards a bigger future.

We need to be clear on who does what, so we will implement a structure for teams as shown. Teams will need to work together to be successful and Leona will provide the prioritisation and co-ordination across them to ensure we make progress on the things which really matter. Our hope is that the chart provides clarity but that we can then put it in the drawer and work together as a team.

Leona will start in earnest on 7th January but I’m sure will be getting stuck in to learn and hear from you before then.

If you have any questions, please ask.