Internal blog post
Operations Management changes

As you will have seen, the Board has decided that we cannot at the moment afford to continue with our contract for Operations Management. This means that Leona will not be undertaking this work beyond the end of this month.
We believe that having paid help in this area is the right thing to do and we hope that when our financial position improves, we will be able to start a new contract.
Leona has offered to remain with us, volunteering as a producer and presenter and is going to work on some paid content ideas. We are delighted to be continuing our work with Leona and of course we thank Leona for everything she has done in the last 15 months.
This means that Leona will not be undertaking any of the team management and general volunteer management activities she had been. Please don’t contact Leona with operations questions.
Team leaders are in place (Andy for programmes, Ren for Social Media, Jason for Finance, Me for website, Lawrence for Engineering, and Phil for premises. Elly is also stepping into the volunteer management team leader role over the next few weeks). They will continue with their current plans and I, on behalf of the Board, will make sure that we act in a co-ordinated and planned way.
Of course, everyone is busy and this is a very difficult time for us all so please understand that there will be less time to deal with things which are not strategically important or which only affect one or two of us.
I’m asking you:
1. Please volunteer to help with specific tasks when a team leader asks for help or if you think you can help, just suggest what you can do
2. Recognise that none of the team leaders you might contact are paid and that everyone has competing demands on their time
3. Before you ask a question of a team leader, check you can't find the information for yourself (for example by asking someone who might know or on RV:INSIDE)
4. Before you ask for a decision on something, ask yourself if it is important
5. If you need an answer on something and you're not sure who to ask, come to me
6. Don't expect quick answers except if it involves us possibly breaking the law or regulations or being off air!

Thanks a lot and as always, if you are unclear please ask.