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New Volunteers!

Hello everyone.. Hope you are all well on this windy day! I would like to introduce some new volunteers to you.

Alice Patterson - Studio Assistant on The Parsons Knows Local Music & The Out & AboutShow.

Alice came to us on a work experience and loved it so much has decided to volunteer for us on a regular basis. Alice is studying Music at College and a pretty good singer/songwriter herself as well! Alice is also going to be helping us out with some website updates and Social Media.

Brad Smith - Studio Assistant - The Parsons Knows Local Music .

Brad came along to our Radio Experience workshop after Xmas and loved it so much he wanted to get more involved. Brad is a film student at EUTC in Elstree and is also going to be working on a promo film for Radio Verulam and for The Parsons Knows Local Music and hopes to do some filming at our OB's during the year.


Tim Smith - trainee producer

Tim applied online and has a great love of music especially reggae and would like to eventually produce and present a show of his own. But for now he is going to be helping out at OB's & we are hoping to find him a slot as a Studio Assistant !

So WELCOME to all our new volunteer and we thank you for supporting Radio Verulam & we hope you enjoy your time with us.

We are getting some great volunteer applications through at the moment so look forward to seeing some more new faces around the place.

Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you to ALL of you for volunteering with us and helping us make Radio Verulam the BEST local station ever!

And don't forget if you have anything volunteer related you would like to talk about then please do get in touch with me on

Best Regards


Denise - Volunteer Manager