Internal blog post

There are some new help guides in the studios to help with those ‘annoying things’ that crop up from time to time and to help us avoid going over the same help steps each time over email/WhatsApp.

It will be updated based on feedback from people so please let us know if you have any but I just wanted to get something out there to get started with (I'll also get them printed in colour too eventually!).

The issues it covers are on the front with their page numbers so it should be easy to see if the answer you need is there. Please use this as the first port of call before reporting via RV:INSIDE or emailing - remember we still need to know if there has been an issue so that we know about it and how often it is happening.

They are placed on top of the CD players in each studio so please put them back there when you have finished with them.Tech Help Guides NEW TECHNICAL HELP GUIDES!