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New studio equipment

New studio equipment news

The Board has agreed that we will provide matching funding for new studio equipment from our reserves. The studios are being specified now and will be delivered by the end of May next year.

This is where you come in....we will match pound for pound money you raise through anything from sponsorship to events, donations from others or grants. So we need as a team to try to raise around £12,000 which will be matched by £12,000 from reserves,.

Ideas far we have thought of a jazz evening, wine tasting, and on air pub quiz but you must have loads more. Let's pick things that are relatively easy, we can do together in small groups and can raise more than £500 each.

Photo is representative only (we don't have quite the space!) but for those of you who are interested Nik Fox Lawrence Card Ashley Rodrigues and Dave Neal are helping us to specify an Axia solution.

The big advantages will be future reliability, being state of the art for training with IP based technology and massively reducing the risky and unfathomable wiring we currently have. Plus better remote assistance and fixing. Any future premises move will be much simpler too.