Internal blog post
New Station Sound

During the next few weeks, our station imaging (jingles) will be freshened up. Please don't get caught out! Rather than a wholesale change at once, this will be phased in.
The main ones that'll throw you are the News In, Weather, and Travel. Once these are prepared (not this coming week), I'll try to share them with you before they go live.
The way you use them will remain the same as the current ones.
The 'sweeps' used between songs will be populated slightly more heavily during daytime programmes and I'll also make them available for anyone to use ad-hoc. I'll share the cart numbers/range once that's done.
Finally on this, once everything has been changed, I shall set a date for ONLY the new ones to be used and the old ones will be retired. I'll make this clear at the time.
Finally finally, if you have a 'theme tune' or jingle that you use on a specialist programme (I have one for Back to the 90s), these are absolutely fine to continue to use on those specialist evening shows. They should not appear in daytime regular playlist shows (weekdays or weekends). However, do remember the audience and try not to make things too niche or it excludes casual listeners who think they've stumbled into some 'old boys' club'.
Of course, please do feel free to ask questions!