Internal blog post
New Programme Opportunities

Elspeth has decided she would like to reduce her hours with Radio Verulam. She'll very much still be with us though, with a new programme on Sunday afternoons combining elements of both of her current ones. Combined with a bit of schedule shuffling, this has opened up a few opportunities, all with a September start.
Each Sunday from 8am, for two hours. We would like to start a general daytime playlist show here which incorporates a bit of light news and what's happening in and around St Albans for Sunday. Live guests or phone interviews encouraged. There's also room for your own features to be included - suggestions welcomed. It would be great to turn this into a must-listen show for a Sunday morning.  Would anyone like to take this on, please?
Friday 10pm - Midnight and possibly Sunday 10pm - Midnight. We have one or two specialist show slots that have opened up. For these, let's try to avoid 'more of the same'and go for something a bit different from what we currently offer. They are both two hour slots, and can be live or pre-recorded to suit.  If you're already doing a specialist show and would like to move into one of these slots, this will also be considered (it frees up your original time, so the outcome is the same). All you need to do is put together a short proposal which is then sent to both me and Denise with the following: Show name; presenter(s); timeslot chosen; focus/USP; five track/artist examples and/or ideas about content (it doesn't have to be a music programme) ; connection with audience; any other information
The start date is early September. I know that's some time away but it gives us time to get set-up, for you to record exemplar shows/back up shows, and takes account of people's holidays.
If you have any questions about this at all, please get in contact with me (, Denise ( or post in the Facebook volunteers group so everyone can see the questions and answers.