Internal blog post
New Marketing Collaterals

Just to update you with some of the new marketing materials we've been producing:

Car/Window Stickers: These are designed to go behind glass and be seen from the outside so are suitable for cars, shop doors and windows or even your front house window. (I stuck it on the outside to have a nicer background than my study!)




New generic flyers: This flyer is our general one to give out, there are plenty of copies in reception. On one side are the options for advertising, volunteering, membership and event posting, while on the other side it lists the current shows and topics that demonstrate what a wealth of output we have. This will be supplemented by flyers for some of the niche type shows we have, such as Parenting and Local music for example.




The OB Feather Flag: For use at outside events, this flag stands 3m tall and is great for visibility.

Beermats: Specially made for our sponsorship from Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, these will be down at the pub shortly.

And there will be more....