Internal blog post
New audio clip capabilty

We're starting to get interviews going again now which is so important at the moment; thank you.  They are sounding great.
I appreciate that the usual way of posting audio clips requires us to know the exact time the interview goes out and that's not really practical with Remote Voicetracking.  We also probably could do a bit more content re-use on air.
Audio clips continue to be important though as they get out on our social media and they can generate money for us from interviewees so please keep posting them.  They will also give us a valuable record of the great work we are doing in this tough time for future grant applications and other financial support.
However, we have all got the audio on our computers because we are recording it.
So, I have modified the posting of audio clips so that you can choose whether to put in the exact time or upload the audio you already have (note this has to be a file of less than 64Mbytes so best done as a medium quality MP3).
On the on air dashboard there is also now a listing of the last 12 highlight clips, and where the audio is in a file it is downloadable, plus if it is on Myriad, the cart number will be shown.