Internal blog post
New advertisers

Congratulations Clive and Kerry for our two latest signings; Papa Paella and Aylett Nurseries.

Supporting our advertisers is important, so if you need catering for a special occasion or you are passing Papa Paella on a market day, do think about them and go and say hello and mention you are from Radio Verulam.  If you need something for the garden or a gift, head over to Aylett and let them know why you came.  For that matter, if you need a solicitor, Stowe or Neeves, a builder, GPN Builders.

Remember, you can sell for us.  If someone you know might benefit from advertising, here are the key facts:

  • You're paying just to reach local people so it is much more affordable
  • Over 6,500 Twitter followers
  • Over 21,000 page views a month on our website
  • Bespoke deals can include competitions, vouchers, live broadcasts

And you can get a 20% commission if you complete the sale (or you can just hand us the lead and someone will follow up).