Internal blog post
Myriad “Freeze” this weekend

Our external engineer, Nik Fox, Lawrence and the Engineering team will be working this weekend to replace our Myriad server.

From Friday 5th at 12:00 until Monday 8th at 09:00 Myriad will go into a "freeze".  This does not affect playing things from Myriad but DOES affect you if you programme Myriad, or use Dropbox to send in files, or you use Remote Voicetracking.  These services will not be available during the period.

The time period of the freeze may be reduced on Sunday but you should make sure that any pre-recorded shows needed before Tuesday 9th are loaded by Friday 5th at 12:00.

The replacement of the server is a necessary precautionary upgrade, investing £1,500 in our infrastructure to replace the machine on which EVERYTHING in Myriad depends.  It is over four years old and has run continuously for three so the team decided to replace it now to ensure we don't have a melt down later.

Any questions, ask me or