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Internal blog post
My role as Chair of the Company

I have decided that I wish to step down as Chair this year, probably in the early Summer.  I informed the Board about three months ago, and we have started looking for candidates for my replacement.
I have undertaken this role for seven years now and I feel that it is time for someone new to take on the leadership of our governance and strategy.  We are looking for a largely non-executive Director to join us and move into the Chair role during the year.  If you feel you know someone who might have the time, skills and interest, do let me know.  I will continue to be actively involved in the radio station outside the Chair role.
As a volunteer, this won’t massively affect you. A new Chair will bring new ideas and there will be some change I'm sure. The nature of running the radio station extends much further than the great work we do on air, so I would urge you to consider how else you can help out. This spreads the work load more evenly and reduces volunteer fatigue.