Internal blog post
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thank you everyone for a really successful year.  Huge effort has been made by lots of people; keeping a radio station on air, let alone doing anything different or bigger takes a large amount of time and dedication from across our volunteers.

This year brought some challenges; it is worth reflecting I think on how well we coped with those and have thrived when it would have been very possible for us to have collapsed as a result.  Well done to us, and I particularly want to thank current and previous Directors for their incredible resilience and determination to do the right thing for the station and our community.

Next year brings more exciting opportunities and, as always, more than we can manage so prioritisation is the word which comes to mind when I think about 2019.  Top two for me are using the opportunity we have with paid operations management to the fullest we all can by learning and improving, and pushing up our revenues to sustain this new way of working.  That would really be a step change for us and I think can bring more listeners and more engagement and awareness.

I've been listening around various community stations over the last couple of months and I agree with Andy; we are among the best.  I think we can always be better and I think we could be more consistent but we've come a long way in the last three years and can be proud when we look back on 2018.

With luck and no horrible transmitter or studio issues, we should all be able to have a comfortable and restful Christmas.

To you and your friends and family have a great Christmas and New Year and thank you.