Internal blog post

Afternoon all - I will be dropping off some new flyers to studios later today.

These are a multi purpose flyer for our


They are intended for your guests and primarily to encourage them to sign up as members and to use our website for events etc etc. Please ensure that all your guests get one & anybody else who might be interested. We don't have 1000's so only give out to people who are really interested!! If any of your guests are involved in Local Business then there is also our Corporate Away Day link for our radio based workshops. Plus our volunteer application link. Please note that ALL volunteers must apply online.

We have a wealth of interesting guests through our studios every week and we should be doing our best to encourage them to get involved with the station! The more the merrier as they say!

Lets really FLY THE RADIO VERULAM FLAG & be proud of what a fantastic community station we are involved in! The more enthusiastic you are the more they will be too!

Plus if you are comfortable with it and feel it is appropriate then you can always tell them about the fabulous advertising packages we have on offer. As a little incentive the board have agreed that any contact (Name/Company/Email/Phone No) passed on to the sales team, that results in an actual sale will receive a £10 M&S voucher to say Thank You.

Have a great afternoon!


Denise - Volunteer Manager