Internal blog post
Making Better Weather

Just a few tips to make our on-air weather forecasts better. Our weather forecasts enable the audience to be informed of the immediate and the forthcoming; they are not detailed weather forecasts that we might see on the BBC World News service.

  1. Make them reasonably short and simple to understand
  2. Use easy-language that everyone is familiar with
  3. Everyone can understand temperatures in Celsius and will understand that 2C is cold and 24C is warm.
  4. Nobody knows what a 12mph or 35mph wind feels like, so let's remove these comments please. People do understand 'light wind', 'breezy', 'strong', 'gales' and similar words
  5. Looking out of the window makes it relevant and accurate!
  6. Make comparisons, e.g. 'very similar to yesterday' or 'feeling fresher tomorrow'

An example: "A dry, bright but chilly day. It should be sunny throughout but quite breezy. Highs today of 12. Feeling fresher tomorrow."

Hope this helps