Internal blog post
Keeping focus

This might seem an odd thing to ask!   No more ideas!

Leona, Andy and the Board directors have discussed how we make sure we don't get distracted from our priorities and agreed that we should aim not to do anything new unless it has a significant impact on one or more of:

  • Training
  • Feedback to existing shows as part of training
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing (aimed at gaining listeners)
  • Sales
  • Premises
  • Registration of the charity

We need to make some significant progress on these before we start any new ideas.  We'll review this in April.

Of course if you have an idea you want to put forward please do but only if you have a plan for who will deliver it and how.  We don't like saying"no" and we'll be very polite but ideas for non priority areas with no plan won't be taken up.

We feel that if we try to deliver both our properties and other new ideas we will overload the team and won't achieve much in the things we've agreed are the most important.  We also would run the risk of getting very frustrated and demotivated.

Do ask if you have any concerns or aren't clear.