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Internal blog post
International Women’s Day

Monday 8 th March is International Women’s Day with the theme “Chose to Challenge”. In
previous years we have invited women volunteers to invite guests and make special
features to mark this day.

Despite the current restrictions we would like to do this again this year, recognising that
everything will have to be pre-recorded and made without the use of our studios.

If you would like to propose a guest to interview or to make a feature to be included in the
day’s programmes please get in touch with a short proposal this week.

Any interviews or features will be included within our usual programmes on that day so please suggest which programme or time you think
would be most appropriate.
You will need to be able to record your interview or feature yourself. If you are not sure how to do this there is information on RV:INSIDE or you can
contact Clive Glover [clive.glover@radioverulam.com] who can advise.

It would be helpful if someone could  take on the co-ordination of the IWD programmes.
This will involve keeping in touch with those people making recordings to ensure they are
able to do them and get them to me in time (as I will need to import into Myriad the week
before) as well as creating an overall flow of items through the day (and, for example,
avoiding the same person being interviewed by different people). Please let me know asap
if you would like to take this on.