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International Womens’ Day programmes

International Womens’ Day (IWD) Friday 8thMarch 2019

We are planning to celebrate IWD again this year with a number of special features in various programmes as well as a live broadcast of the St Albans Soroptimist’s debate from the Sandpit Theatre on the theme “Are women their own worst enemy?” from 7.30pm on Thursday 7thMarch.

What we would like is for there to be a special IWD feature in each of the main daytime programmes on 8thMarch, so in Breakfast, Verulam in the Morning, Afternoonand DriveTime. These could be live interviews or pre-recorded features on the IWD 2019 theme of #BalanceforBetter-acall-to-action for driving gender balance across the world.

I have been asked to co-ordinate the programmes for the day but honestly I would rather delegate this to a woman if someone would like to volunteer perhaps to be producer for the day?

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas. If you would like to suggest a feature to one of the presenters such as Kerry, Phil or Danny please do. Or perhaps you want to suggest something as a one-off feature we could broadcast on the day?Please let me know.

We need to agree the schedule for the day by 15thFebruary please so please let me have your ideas before then.

Clive Glover