Internal blog post
Intermittent Off Air issue


We have an intermittent issue which has briefly taken us off air three times in the last week. The issue seems to occur during the top of the hour news.
Here is what we need all presenters and production assistants to do please
  • Listen on the FM receiver in the production area if possible
  • If the phone rings, answer it. It could be one of those of us who receive alerts letting you know there is an issue
  • If we go off air, FIRST notice what the "Joe 90" buttons say is on air, THEN
  • Flip briefly to SUSTAIN and then back to the correct source
  • Check FM
  • Email with exact details (when exactly did we go off air, what were the buttons saying?)
We've taken a few steps already so this may not recur. if it does, some equipment may need replacing (££££££)
Nik Fox and Lawrence Card are looking at the issue