Internal blog post
Interacting with your show’s audience

We are going to be trialing using Twitter for your listeners to interact direct with you from our website.

Where we show the show now on air in our website header, we are going to be adding a "Tweet the Show" button. We can only do this if your show has a twitter account registered on our website. Please check your show and, if your show doesn't have one, add your twitter account by going to Content>Show Pages in RV:INSIDE then click to edit our show.

Obviously, this means you must be logged in to your show's twitter page during your show, and we'd encourage you to also tweet to get interaction while you are on air.

Check if your show has a Twitter account listed by going to your show page from the Our Shows page. There you will see the Twitter icon and name to the left of the main image.  If it isn't there, make sure you edit your show and add it.