Internal blog post
Integral Radio Verulam Engineering Work Planned – Oct 6th or 7th


On the weekend of October the 6th/7th, we need to schedule in some integral engineering work. Specifically we are changing over the main server that runs Myriad. This will likely only affect those who either use the studios and/or have a show that goes out on a weekend.

We intend for the change over to of course go smoothly, so it shouldn't be too disruptive but as a precaution, we want book out the whole day of either the Saturday or Sunday (the day will be confirmed asap). For the time being, I have booked the whole of the 7th out in both studios as they were available already.

We'd request if possible for all live shows for the day in question to be pre-recorded and we will look to to load these onto the standby machine that isn't reliant on Myriad, so all shows should go out on air as scheduled. We'll give you more details and assistance on how to do this if you require it.

When we have the date confirmed, I'll communicate with in more detail how the plan will go for the shows that we will need pre-recorded and ideally by when. I just wanted to give you all a heads up at the earliest time possible in case it affects a show you work on.

Of course feel free to drop me an email ( if you have any questions and I'll be in touch with more details soon.

Lawrence Card
Engineering & IT Team Leader