Internal blog post
Improved show pages

Dave and I have launched much improved show pages this weekend and would like you to:

  • Give us your feedback and suggestions
  • Edit the page for your show (all shows have one).  See how here : Editing your show page

The main improvements are:

  1. Listen Again to the last week's show output is available from the page, with one click to play
  2. Blogs, audio clips and podcasts related to the show are all on the page
  3. Facebook and Twitter posts are pulled into the page
  4. Facebook, Twitter and email are promoted on the page

Where shows are missing social media account details, email addresses or where you haven't removed the existing description content, the pages may look a little odd.  Get adding the information please!

Listeners can reach the page by navigating to "Our Shows" and searching for the show.  later, we will, where pages have enough content, create short links like /parsons or /drivetime.

I'm sure we can improve on this further so let us know how.