Internal blog post
IMPORTANT: Phone Interviews Next Week! (20th to 27th May)

You may or may not be aware but we are in the process of changing our phone supplier. The new line has now been installed but we haven't officially switched over yet.

At some point (probably) during next week (I've been told about 7 days), the supplier will 'flick the switch' and our current line will not work until I plug it in and wire it into our system to work on all of the phones in the studios.

Obviously I can't do this until it has switched over but I will try my best to do it on the evening of the day the switch happens.

I've not been given the actual date yet but will be trying to get this information on Monday. I am also not sure how much influence I have over when it happens so I'm assuming I can't choose.

If you have any phone based interviews planned for next week then let me know ( and please be aware of this. I'll keep you updated with what's happening but if the interviews can be pushed back to a later date then that might be the safest option. If lots of people have interviews around the same few days then maybe I can see if the switch can happen a day or two afterwards to reduce disruption.

More info as soon as I have some!