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Important Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Amid a continuing rise in confirmed Coronavirus cases in the UK, heightened vigilance and greater collaboration between volunteers is required if we are to achieve the level of protection we are all seeking. The following is designed to answer queries and provide details in this fast-moving situation.  

If you are undertaking required self-isolation/testing for the virus:

Inform myself or Nick Hazell immediately. This will be handled in strict confidence and enable us to assess the risk and implement any necessary precautionary measures.  

A negative ‘all clear’ result to testing:

Public Health England has advised that following testing they issue a one-page ‘final report’ to the individual concerned. This must be viewed by us – using a clearly identifiable photograph or scan emailed - before a return by anyone ‘self-isolating. 

Alcohol content in sanitizers:

Hygiene experts, the NHS and Public Health England all agree that to kill most viruses, a hand sanitiser requires at least 60% alcohol content. Most contain between 60-95% and we are aiming to have these in the kitchen and reception area. As you know, stocks are low. This does not replace thorough hand-washing with soap and water in preventing the spread of the virus.

Required frequency of hand-washing:

Some experts have said every two hours as a minimum for hand-washing for at least twenty seconds. We all need to be mindful of what we are touching and avoid unnecessary contact where possible. ‘Elbow bumps’ are fast becoming acceptable alternatives to the usual handshakes. If you can’t wash your hands or use gel after coming into contact with things, do not touch your face and eyes. 

Visiting the studios:

Please advise guests to refrain from coming in if they are feeling unwell and reschedule to a phone interview where possible.  For off-air roles, we encourage you to work from home if you feel more comfortable doing this. The same goes for presenters, please speak to Andy, Nick or myself for workarounds if you need them. We have contingency planning involving remote voice tracking, if necessary. When and if we move to this phase, everyone will be informed. 

Communicating with other volunteers in our WhatsApp and Facebook group:

While we all may have different sentiments towards Coronavirus, please let’s remember the volunteer code of conduct and treat fellow volunteers with respect and fairness. During this time, my expectation is that we all behave responsibly and with due regard for Radio Verulam. If you need to express a certain opinion or engage in a specific line of conversation about Covid-19, please take it offline. I am all for open discussion, however, our volunteer groups are not an appropriate forum. You need to consider there are 90 other people your messages are being inadvertently broadcast; please, act in the best interests of the station.  

Public Health England/Department of Health and Social Care Advice: 

The most up to date advice and information on measures adopted to slow the progress of the virus can be found on a daily updated ‘Blog’ by Public Health England.

Please be assured of our best efforts going forward and, once again, we rely on your support and cooperation in our efforts to responsibly meet this challenge.

For any queries or feedback: