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Hostile Action against our Company

As you probably know Radio Verulam is run by a registered company, Verulam Community Radio Limited which operates under company laws like any other company large or small.

We would like to make you aware of some recent developments which relate to our Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors and our Membership Register. We want to make clear what has been happening, to the extent we are able given that we have been threatened with legal action.

This is not a great time for our organisation or our Company, and the Board is determined that we should get through it, pursue a strategy which is working and be a better place for all of our volunteers.

We have become aware of an attempt to add at the last minute before the deadline to our register of Members over 25 new entries (which - if they had been legitimate memberships - would then make up roughly one third of our Membership). On closer investigation, almost all of these entries are people we do not know and from outside our area, from places as far afield as Macclesfield and Merseyside and were accompanied by a single payment covering them all.  None of these entries met the requirements of the Company’s Articles of Association and the Directors have therefore determined that these people are not Members of the Company.

This appears to have been a co-ordinated attempt to take control of the Company with assistance from an existing volunteer or volunteers, by people from outside our area with no previous connection to the radio station. We can only interpret this a “hostile takeover” but do not know the intentions behind it

As a result, the Board has taken immediate action to tighten the basis on which people may apply to be Members and Membership applications are now invited only from people who are either resident in the AL postcode area or who have actively volunteered with us for six months or more.  We believe that this is a step we must take in order to ensure that the radio station remains one which is run for the benefit of our community as required by our OFCOM Broadcasting licence conditions

Unfortunately, this attempt has wider implications which we are working through.  Given the sensitive and legal nature of some of these, I and the Board cannot give you full details at this stage.

Nick Hazell (Chairman)

Clive Glover

Mandy McNeil

Denise Parsons

Phil Richards

Dereck Staines

Andy Waterfield