Internal blog post

Hello. I've had some feedback from a presenter and I really appreciate it. They were a little concerned that, during daytime playlist hours, there were runs of, say, six female artists in a row; it needed more variety. It's too late for this current week but because I thought this was a good point, I *think* I've made a change to Myriad settings to make this happen for next week. Feedback is welcome.

If it's still no good, feel free to shuffle the order around to give that variety but don't replace songs please.

Now here is where I need your help - they also suggested that the first song out of the news should be a 'big hitter/ classic' to hook the audiences in, rather than one of the newer playlisted songs. I tend to agree but sod what I think; what do YOU think? Tell me please - either on the Facebook group (there's a thread already) or drop me an email:   Everyone is welcome to respond, whether you're a 'daytime' presenter or not.

Finally if anyone is interested in helping me keep the 'current big hitters and ones we hope will be big because they sound good on the radio' (gosh that's catchy) recurrent playlist up to date, I'd also love to hear from you. I'm not entirely convinced I'm the best person to be making all such decisions.

Have a good week everyone,