Internal blog post
Help us get better known

I know quite a few of us have been saying for a while that we need to do more marketing.  Well, we have been working behind the scenes, and…

We are going to be the exclusive media sponsor of the 2019 St Albans Film Festival.

We are going to be on the big screen at the open air cinema before each screening and providing music (and IDs of course) as people arrive.  We will also be in a 10,000 print run brochure and on banners at the event and around the city.

We are paying for this sponsorship, and we need your help to make sure we make the absolute most of the opportunity and the money spent.

This is a huge opportunity for us, with over 12,000 expected to attend over two weeks and it will form the first part of a big 2019 marketing push for us to raise awareness of us as a radio station and of the good things we do for our community.

More information to follow but for now just to say this is our biggest visibility opportunity so far.

We have a number of roles coming together.  If you can spare two hours or more to help make this a success, please let me know and sign up at  We are still working on plans, so you can be a part of bringing the ideas together and making a huge impact.  A lot of the work needs to start NOW to be ready in time.  There will be more roles on the way so if nothing appeals to you now, please still put your hand up!