Internal blog post
Happy New Year

I hope you and your family had a great Christmas.

The start of a new is that possible already?!

That has set me thinking about the year past at Radio Verulam and what 2020 might bring.  We can plan all we like, but there will always be surprises welcome and unwelcome.  2019 certainly had some great surprises and achievements, like two silver awards at the Community Radio Awards, new Directors joining the Board and the start of our application to become a charity, the start of two contracts for services with Leona and Denise (operations and sales), a huge push on social media and a completely new Drive programme and team.  That one really impresses me; what could have been not a great time for us was turned by our new volunteers and our brilliant programme controller and operations manager into a huge step forward in terms of content and output in the Drive slot.

What might be our big achievements in 2020?  Becoming a charity maybe?  Perhaps our soon to launch new "Good Morning St Albans"?  Or how about new studio premises?  New studio equipment?

We don't know but there's at least a decent chance the answer to that is "all of them and more".  Thank you for making it possible to think big in 2020; I hope you enjoy working hard to achieve some great things and look forward to celebrating them through the year.  There is no doubt that we have changed a lot in the last two years; the team feels different to me now in a good way and we're moving faster and getting bigger audiences.  I won't name names, but at the beginning of the year I picked two community stations I felt had similar target audiences to us and who I thought were doing a better job than us on community impact and quality of output.  When I listen to either of them just a year later, I feel we have passed them as benchmarks (so of course I'm picking two more this year because there's always more we can do!).

Happy New Year!

Nick Hazell