Internal blog post
Guests can have their interview to keep

Please when you have an interview, create a highlight (or "audio clip") in RV:INSIDE.  The clips go out on Facebook and help guests to get the message out there.

It is also possible for guests to buy their audio to keep if you've created an audio clip.  There's a button on the page where the clip plays so do remind them they can do this.  One clip purchased a week will make us about £1,000 in profit.

If you undertake interviews and rarely or never post audio clips, you are wasting your efforts; just as many people will listen to the audio later as will hear it live most likely.  Our audio clips get 200-300 listens typically.

In the last ten days, only five people (me, Kevee Lynch, Jenny Hames, Ruth Farenga and Daniel Bury) have posted any clips; I can't believe everyone else has no great talk content to highlight.

If you're stuck on how to do it, ask me or one of the people named.