Internal blog post
General Meeting

Those of you who are Members will this week have received a notice of another general meeting.  This meeting has been called by four members who are also volunteers; Dave Ellis, Stephen Hall, Elspeth Jackman, and David Pearson.

The reason for this general meeting is that these and possibly other company members believe that we should be prevented from engaging anyone paid to help us manage our operations.

We have consulted with you three times on this course of action, once before the decision was made and twice since.

The meeting will be open to company Members only.  We will, however, be arranging a separate meeting for volunteers later to update you on our finances, achievements and plans and to give you another chance to ask any questions you might have.

We will be looking at finances again in July so there is no guarantee we will fund this plan right now anyway, but we do feel that it is important that this resolution is rejected by our Members for the future wellbeing of the station.