Internal blog post
February Social Media Highlights

Thank you to everyone for all the social media content and support for the month of February.

Highlights - our Facebook posts reached 17, 599 people, an increase of 74% and our engagement was also up by 171%. Thanks to the new videos by Dave Neal our videos were viewed 1,398 times, an increase of 768%. A similar story on Twitter with our reach increasing to 86.5 Tweet impressions. We were mentioned 504 times. The stats don't matter so much, but the overall aim is to raise awareness of Radio Verulam and to continue to be a trusted source of information. This will all help attract advertisers and sponsors and listeners.

Facebook and Twitter both like a regular stream of content, so if you are aiming to grow your own channels, I suggest posting more often and tagging more people so that they, in turn, share or react to your posts which will increase your reach.

Things you can continue to do to greatly help:

Like, Share or Comment on any posts on the Radio Verulam Page. This amplifies engagement and reach. Lots of you do this already, thank you!

On Facebook, tag our Radio Verulam page when you create your own posts. On Twitter, tag your posts from personal/show accounts with @RadioVerulam

Utilise the 'Program Promotion' feature on RV: Inside because this gives us information to share on our social channels (and it will also populate the website and appear on the homepage)

If you have admin access to our social channels, please keep sharing relevant community content.

Overall Aims

Sharing what's coming up on our shows reminds people to tune in or switch over and will increase engagement.

Sharing community content is even more important. In February, the community news and stories we shared attracted the most engagement of all. 

Coming Up 

March is going to be even busier with Pancake Day, International Women's Day, the Mayor's Pride Awards and all of your continued, brilliant, show content and guests.

Thank you