Internal blog post
Engineering Update


A few Engineering updates we've been looking at:

- Presenter PC Studio A (OS)
The hum that was reported on this has been sorted now.

- Sustain issues
We’ve had a couple of instances of Sustain having stopped playing over the last day or so. We are monitoring this and have rebooted the system and it seems to be behaving now.

- Internet issues - We are still talking to Virgin on this but also looking into rejigging our firewall setup as a second pronged attack! I’ll update on this when we have been able to get further with it.

In the meantime if you notice there is a problem, note down the time and as much detail of what is happening as you can and let us know on the engineering email address.

It would be really helpful in addition, if you could do a speedtest ( & click ‘go’) and take a screenshot or photo of the screen when it’s finished to send to us. This will help us get a better idea of what’s happening and allow us to show Virgin more evidence but don’t worry if you can’t.

A couple of bits coming up in the near future:
- We are hoping to finally get the new soundcards in. These were scheduled for last Friday but we had some problems getting the cables we needed to arrive. We used the time instead, to knock off a number of things off our ever growing list! We will be scheduling the soundcards install again during Feb but will give as much notice as possible for this.

- Studio B Guest PC mouse glitching
Just waiting on some bits to arrive which should be early next week, then we’ll be able to get that sorted.

Lots of other stuff trickling along too as time permits!

Let us know if you notice anything that needs looking at by emailing: with as many details as possible.